What Products to Import


I cannot bold the above statement black enough. Almost all scams originate for the above products (almost all brand name products are scams). Consumer electronics Suppliers are more reputable and while you may order a pallet of 1000 MP3 players and receive a pallet of 1000 MP3 players, the likelihood that these players are still playing music 3 months down the road is questionable.

For Brand Name products, I’ll say just one thing: any Brand Name products you find are counterfeit. That is illegal. Act in malice and even if the feds don’t find you, you will ultimately be screwed. Nuff’ said. Don’t import Brand Name products.

As for electronics, see, here’s the thing: the Chinese, right now, are very good at copying low-technology items. Bath tubs- they can’t be beat.  Shoes? China makes the best Nikes. But anything that involves an electrical component is still daunting for most Chinese firms. It’s an area the Japanese, Americans, and other countries still hold the edge in.

Most guys love electronic gadgets, understand electronics gadgets, and therefore, want to import electronic gadgets.  However, they make a horrible choice for the above reasons. On top of that, the scammers out there know most people new to importing want to import electronic gadgets and therefore target that product category.

So what makes good items to import? The best are simple products with few moving mechanisms that retail in local stores for $100 or more (I say this last part because people are a lot more prone to buy an item from you for $50 that normally retails for $100 opposed to paying you $5 for an item that normally retails for $10).. Also, these items cannot be electrical. That means anything that plugs into a wall. Almost no Chinese companies so to speak of have the proper certification to offer such products (and the few that do will not deal with you unless you’re importing hundreds of container loads of products).  Here are some examples of products the Chinese can make very well (whether you can make selling these products profitable is up for you to decide).

  • Any furniture
  • Any clothing
  • Any lawn and patio items (i.e. wheel barrels, patio sets, hot tubs, etc)
  • Pool tables
  • Dishes
  • Bicycles
  • Tools

The smaller of a niche you can specialize in, the higher chance you have of succeeding simply by virtue of your competition being lower. Do you have any hobbies? If you’re an avid horse rider, horse saddles would make an excellent product choice. If you’re a model railroad enthusiast, scenic models are a great idea.  Do you like cooking? If so, dish sets are a great product to import but there’s a lot more people who like to eat than like to ride horses, so your competition is going to be exponentially higher.

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