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Useful Links

Blogs & Info : Excellent blog regarding ensuring quality shipments in China. Geared towards larger importers, but still excellent. : One of the most respected sites regarding Chinese Law for international companies. Lots of other good anecdotes regarding doing business in China.


US Customs Guide to Commercial Importing : Great detailed overview of the importing process. What to expect, the do’s and dont’s, etc.

Sourcing The most popular and well known website for sourcing global suppliers (including non-Chinese). Any foreign company marketing internationally on the internet will likely be on Same premise as : Again, like Alaiba and Global Sources except it has tons of excellent articles. One of the largest trading companies in China. Can accommodate orders of most sizes. Offers an online catalog.

Travel : The ABSOLUTE best site for booking any travel in China (including planes, hotels, etc). Not a travel city per se, but this purchasing agent offers an excellent guide to the city of Yiwu.

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