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Scammer Red Flags

Yes, there are scammers in China. People who will take your money for xyz product and disappear from the face of the Earth. Thankfully, such people are very rare and they have clear cut warning signs, listed below. And as always, remember to balance trust and yearning for success with a healthy dose of reality :)

Scammer Red Flags

– They almost always deal in brand name goods or consumer electronics.

– Companies offering brand name products are almost always scammers. It is illegal for Yu-Gen Trading company to sell a cell phone with the name “Apple” on it- yes illegal even in China.

– They do not advertise a business address.

– You are unable to reach them by phone. Don’t rely on Skype, although Skype is better than nothing.

– They are very eager to work with you. Most Chinese companies are by their nature suspicious when working with a foreign company for the first time. For legitimate companies, you may almost feel like you are fighting just to give them money to buy products. Scammers won’t put up such a fight.

-They agree to almost any price point you suggest in negotiations. If you suggest a very low price, a legitimate company will respond with a blunt “sorry, we can not do that price, we lose money” or counter with a price that is just slightly lower than the original price. Scammers don’t care whether you buy widgets off them for $100/piece or $10/piece- it’s free money either way for them.

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