Below are actual websites and services I use when importing from China. Some of these links may contain affiliate links although it hasn’t influenced my selection of these services.



[Industry Guide] Buyer’s Guide
The Buyer’s Guide are specific guides for specific industries and include details such as required certification, sample product specification checklists, and other extremely helpful templates and checklists. If you’re ordering Textiles or Children’s Products, I highly recommend investing the $197 in one of the guides. You also get 1 free support ticket which allows you to answer basically any question you want about the entire sourcing process.


[Company Background Check] Examine China
Get a background check on any company in China for $99. Report includes information like company registration date, registered capital, number of employees, website, and more. Great for verifying Suppliers before you send them any money.

[Third Party Inspection] Asia Inspection
My pre-shipment inspection company that I use. Inspections starting from around $300 for one day of work. Great for inspecting, photographing, and doing quality control tests

[Duty Estimator] Duty Calculator
The easiest way to calculate how much duty you will pay for a product, along with other costs like insurance. Free for the first 5 searches, paid subscription required after that.


[Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder] Pacific Customs Brokers
My customs broker of choice. Provides brokerage for the United States and Canada. Also has a Freight Forwarding division.


[Distance Calculator] Sea Rates
Great tool for estimate Sea Freight times and getting estimates of current market prices for sea freight

Other Links

Below are links I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

China Law Blog Sample PO: Good sample Purchase Order, although with a lot of overkill.