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A lot of new importers struggle to find a product category to import from. Using the Amazon Product Category Tree is a great way to brain storm for ideas.

Almost all major retailers have some sort of category tree, but Amazon conveniently publishes theirs to be used by Third Party Sellers, listing over 13000 potential categories to import from.

The First Level amazon category hierarchy – you must drill down lower than this.

Amazon’s categories follow a certain hierarchy. For example, here’s the hierarchy for Rice and Potato Servers:

Kitchen & Dining  /  Tableware  /  Flatware  /  Serving Utensils  /  Serving Spoons  /  Rice & Potato Servers

I’ve seen some sites recommending new importers to look at Amazon’s first level categories (i.e. Kitchen and Dining) and looking for a product to import from this category. This is far too broad. You should narrow your niche down to a fifth level category or lower, i.e. Serving Spoons. This helps you to focus your area of expertise, and more importantly, most mass-market retailers will only stock 1 or 2 items in a fifth level category (if any) and therefore there’s a great opportunity to add variety to that category.

You can download an Excel Document with a list of all fifth level categories or lower from here: Listing of All Fifth Level Categories

Not all of these categories are necessarily great potential categories to import products from, however, many of them are. Here are some categories that immediately spring to my mind that could be good opportunities and warrant further research:

  • Electronics /   Camera & Photo /   Accessories  /  Photo Studio  /  Storage & Presentation Materials  /  Slide, Negative & Print Pages
  • Electronics  /  Camera & Photo  /  Accessories   / Photo Studio  /  Storage & Presentation Materials  /  Storage Binders
  • Home, Garden & Pets  /  Pet Supplies  /  Houses & Habitats  /  Accessories  /  Aquarium Décor   / Plastic Plants
  • Home, Garden & Pets   / Patio, Lawn & Garden   / Gardening  /  Watering Equipment    Automatic Watering Equipment  /  Drip Irrigation Kits
  • Home, Garden & Pets /   Furniture & Décor  /  Furniture  /  Other Furniture /   Chairs    Directors Chairs

Remember to keep in mind which products to avoid (discussed in my eBook) such as children’s toys and electronics.