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 What are the most common mistakes I see new importers making?

I’ve talked to a lot of new importers over the years and see frequent common mistakes.

#1: Underestimating (drastically) the actual landed cost of their product

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen new importers find a Supplier willing to sell them a certain widget for $3 and be shocked when their actually landed cost is many times this amount. Normally the biggest shock is in the cost of freight. Especially when shipping via sea, there are many unexpected costs that come up.

#2: Receiving bad quality products 

Normally this happens by choosing either a) the wrong product and/or b) the wrong Supplier. Certain products are fraught with quality problems when sourcing in China, which I go into detail on this blog and in my book, and should be avoided. Picking the right Supplier is even more critical: it is possible to pick a Supplier who understands the quality expectations of Western buyers well.

#3: Doing business with the Chinese like they would in their own country

Doing business in China is vastly different than in your own country. Contracts are viewed as guidelines and not necessarily legally enforceable agreements. Relationships matter more than anything else. And the list goes on.  I’ve seen foreigners get made at their Suppliers, causing them to lose face, and wonder why their emails are no longer answered. I’ve seen foreigners flabbergasted why their Supplier suddenly changed materials without telling them. Simply put, many foreigners and new importers try to do business like they would with domestic companies and are surprised when things don’t go as planned.