The Ultimate Insider’s All Access Guide is the most important purchase you can make if you’re considering starting an import company or you already run one. I’ve designed the course I wish I had in the first years starting and running my import company. Here’s what you get:

Personalized FOR YOU

  • A review of up to two potential products you are exploring importing including classification code, potential import regulations that may exist, competition ranking, and more
  • A custom translated introduction of you and your company into Simplified Chinese (written by a native Chinese speaker) that you can email to potential suppliers to ensure the best pricing and service ($150 value)

Full Details of My Company And How A $1million+ Import Company Runs

I provide you the name of my company and internet URLs. Providing absolute transparent product and business date that my company’s customers can view is impractical. However, for importers like you, it provides an invaluable case study for how to start and run your company. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • My company and the products we import
  • How and where we sell our products (and our breakdown by revenue channel)
  • A list of fulfillment companies, freight forwarders, custom’s brokers, product photography, and third party inspection companies that we use
  • Example POs (from the previous 5 years to give you a sense of growth) and real problems and solutions we’ve had with products and Suppliers
  • And way more!

Insider Interviews with Chinese Suppliers to Reveal How THEY Think

We conducted interviews with real Chinese Suppliers, in Mandarin, to find out their secrets when dealing with foreign buyers. They revealed answers to questions like:

  • How do they deal with buyers who request a low MOQ and when do they approve low MOQ orders?
  • What’s the best way to achieve the best price?
  • What approach do they take when a quality problem arises with an order?
  • What do they look for when deciding to work with a foreign buyer?
  • And much more!

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