How I Use Import Genius

Import Genius is great at organizing shipping records in an easy to read format, but we can make it even easier. Import Genius is going to return each import record for a Supplier. So if a company imported every day from a particular Supplier, we’re going to get 365 records for that Supplier. For me, I just want to see a list of each unique Supplier along with what they’re selling to a competitor. Here’s how do this using Microsoft Excel (or most other spreadsheet programs with pivot table capabilities)

  1. I search for a competitor on Import Genius. For example, Cabelas. Enter this as the consignee.
  2. Next, download all of the records that are returned from Import Genius as an Excel document. Import Genius, by default, will download the first 100 records. I like to download all records or at least 500. Depending what plan you are on with Import Genius, you may have a 2000 downloads restriction per month, so be aware of this.
  3. Open the document in Excel. Delete the first 5 rows with the Import Genius logo and contact information.
  4. Now, select all of the data, CTRL-A. Make sure Excel selects all of the data and not just the data on the screen.
  5. Here’s the real magic. Create a pivot table from this data. Where this is depends on what version of Excel you’re using, but for most newer versions it’s located under the Insert Menu.
  6. Where it says “Choose fields to add to report” click Shipping and Product Description (also called Row Labels).
  7. Voila! You now have a nice organized table of each individual Supplier along with the products they are selling that company. You’ll notice that many Suppliers carelessly include fairly revealing information in the product description including PO numbers, exact private label brand names, Buyer information, and more.
  8. I personally like to look at the product description of each Supplier and see if there’s anything that is of interest for me to import. When I see something I’m interested in, I try to locate the Supplier on the internet by searching for their name. If I’m able to locate the Supplier, I email them and ask them for price quotes for any product(s) I’m interested in.

As a freebie, here’s the sample search results used in this tutorial.