Importing From China is Easy – Ebook

Importing from China eBook

How to Make $1million
Importing from China

Are you looking to start a business importing products from China?

Are you looking to find a inexpensive, quality product from China that you can sell for a huge profit online or in your store?

Do you wonder what products you should import from China?

Are you unsure how to find a great Chinese Supplier that provides great quality products and won’t rip you off?

Are you confused by the whole idea of Sea Freight and container shipping?

For over 10 years I’ve been importing products from China and today sell over $1million annually. I’ve helped countless other entrepreneurs find great products to import and find great Suppliers to source them from.  I’ve written this book to help others like you start your business importing from China. My goal is to help other entrepreneurs start businesses importing from China, not to just import products. I want to help you create a business that can replace your work income, not just supplement it.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Book:

  • How to pick killer products to import from China, even if you have no idea where to start
  • Four products you should avoid at any cost to avoid going broke
  • Five negotiation tips to help you get the lowest prices from your Suppliers
  • Where to find great Suppliers outside of Alibaba (and find Suppliers your competitors don’t know about)
  • How to deal with Minimum Order Quantities and get your Supplier to accept lower MOQs
  • Six things to check before you pay your Supplier to make sure your products arrive to you ready to sell
  • How to decide between sea and air freight
  • Understanding the true landed cost of your product including duties, customs brokerage, freight, and more
  • And tons of other valuable information!

Bonus FREE Calculators and Worksheets You’ll Get

  • Estimated Shipping Costs Calculator : Great for calculating your actual shipping costs for products and determining whether to pick Air or Sea freight)
  • Minimum Product Costs Calculator: Helps you to figure out your true actual landed cost of product and determining if it can be profitable or not
  • Product Brainstorming Guide: Stuck finding a niche or product to import products from? This Brainstorming guide will help you
  • And more

See what others are saying (real Amazon Kindle reviews)

I bought this book just before I was about to import my first products from China. Just learning about the terms and conditions has probably saved me a fortune and shown me what you really do need to know before jumping in with two feet.

There is some indispensable information here about importing goods from China. If you are thinking about importing, this is a must read.

This book covers many aspects and with a good level of detail for a beginner. I read another book on importing that was quite well rated on Amazon I have to say that I found this one quite concise, straight to the point and with more detail. Some good links as well to get some additional info on some aspects of the import process.

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Get a free copy of Secrets to Selling Your Imported, Private Label, and Custom Manufactured Products Online with every copy of Importing from China is Easy. This lengthy book will share with you the secrets to selling your imported products online to achieve maximum traction and sales including:

  • Sales channels to sell your products on outside of Amazon
  • Strategies to ensure the lowest possible shipping costs
  • Techniques to ensure you receive the best possible product reviews and how to deal with the dreaded “Where’s this product made?” question
  • And more!

BONUS – Get a Free Copy of Doing Business in the USA: Find out your tax obligations, how to work legally, how to ship products from the U.S., and more


If you’re a non-American and want to sell in the United States, this book will help you navigate through the steps required to do this. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Do you want to ship products from the United States without ever having to open an office or a warehouse?
  • Do you wonder what your tax obligations are in the U.S.?
  • Do you wonder what kind of work you can legally do in the U.S. and what type of work you cannot legally do?

If you want to know the answers to any of the above questions then this book is priceless.

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