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Double your expected lead time around Chinese New Year

Importing around Chinese New Year? Remember to increase your lead time

Importing around Chinese New Year? Remember to increase your lead time

Here’s a short little tip if you’re ordering products any time around January or February- don’t expect to receive your product until March or April.

Chinese New Year is, of course, the biggest holiday in the China. It almost always occurs in January of February. When looking for a Western equivalent, people often use Christmas as an example. There’s a big difference though. Whereas in the West people get a day or two off of work, in China most factory workers go back home for a week, and often two weeks. For some workers, this may even stretch to a month.

Long story short, if your order does not get completed before Chinese New Year expect at least a 2-3 week delay and likely longer as the factory races to catch up once Chinese New Year is over. Compounding matters, as China is the factory of the world, finding cargo space on ocean liners around the month prior to Chinese New Year can be difficult, especially for full containers (LCL can sometimes be easier to find).

The best thing to do is to get your orders in as early as possible, November or October is a good bet, and order an extra month’s worth of inventory.

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