Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Air Logistics package. With this package, you will simply give your Supplier our West Coast warehouse address and we’ll handle all the receiving, photographing, breakup, labeling, and disbursement of your shipment to FBA fulfillment centers. It couldn’t be easier! It’s great for seasoned importers desiring an entirely hands off approach or for new importers who want some 1 on 1 mentoring to make sure their products arrive at Amazon safely.

If you have any questions before purchase, you can email Dave to Please note, I’m only able to answer purchasing questions- if you require any consultation on your shipment, please purchase the package below or use the comments box on blog posts.

Some notes and requirements:

  • We are happy to be the Importer of Record and/or the Consignee for you
  • We are happy to collect any duties and taxes applicable and you will be invoiced for these afterwards
  • If after purchase you decide not to follow through with your shipment, you will be charged a $75 consulting fee. This $75 can be deducted from future orders
  • Extra labeling fees ($0.25 per item over 100 items) and FBA Fulfillment Center fees ($10 per additional Fulfillment Center) will be invoiced to you before disbursement to FBA warehouses
  • This package is for up to 5 cartons and up to 300 lbs. You’ll be charged $0.10/lbs and $20/carton for anything exceeding this

What happens after purchase?

  • A staff member from will email you to ask some basic information about your shipment. This will allow us to help you to identify any issues which may delay and impede your shipment both entering the U.S. and being received by FBA warehouses.
  • Once we have had this initial email consultation with you, we will request your Amazon FBA labels. We will inspect these labels to make sure they meet Amazon’s requirements and identify any corrections that need to be made. We can also help manage your FBA shipment directly within Seller Central if we are assigned as new user with permissions to view your FBA Shipments
  • Once we have received your shipment from China, we will notify you with pictures of your items. Within 48 hours, your items will be disbursed to Amazon warehouses and you will receive an email confirmation with this

Ready to Buy?

Price: $149, Up to 5 Cartons, 5 FBA Fulfillment Centers, 300 lbs