Why I Developed This Site

I designed this website for three reasons.

  • To give entrepreneurs some basic advice and strategy for beginning their businesses which center around importing products from China.
  • To help entrepreneurs avoid some of the fallacies I hear about all too often that lead to rotten experiences importing from China.
  • To help make the world a flatter place, as Thomas Friedman would say. Globalism and trade are good things that benefit everyone. This is my small contribution to those two altruistic ideas.

When I began my career importing from China when I was a 22 years old, I couldn’t believe the lack of imformation for people wanting to begin a business in importing from China. Five years later, there’s still a serious defeciency of information. Search the web and bookstores and you’ll find plenty of information for professional Buyers on doing business in China. This information really doesn’t understand the needs of entrepreneurs though. Search a little harder and you’ll find general information on becoming an importer. This information gives a brief overview of what it is to be an importer but lacks the specificity to make it useful. Hopefully this website can help fill this information gap.

This Site Focuses on Sourcing Products, Not Inventing and Manufacturing Them

A lot of sites focus on producing a product that an entrepreneur has invented. Not this site. Rather, the main aim of this site is on sourcing “off the shelf” products from China. “Off the shelf” simply means a supplier in China has already produced a product and is looking to export them. This is what Walmart, Target, and many big box retailers do. Walmart does not invent products. It sources them.

Even if you are a product inventor looking to have your proprietary product manufactured, this blog will still be of a lot of value to you. However, I’ll steer away from the nitty gritty of having a brand new product manufactured.

Happy importing!