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For over 10 years, I've run a company importing over 300 different products from China and generating millions of dollars in revenue. I've travelled across China looking for new products, both from the comfort of my laptop and by exploring a dozen different provinces in China.

I've designed this website to help entrepreneurs with their own businesses importing from China. I've put together indepth guides that I wish existed when I first started importing from China, interviews with industry experts, and other information designed to help both new and experienced importers.

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About Me

Since I was a 23 year old undergraduate in University, I've run a business importing products from China generating over $1million a year. Since then, I've made China and its culture not only a key part of my business but also of my personal life. Read more about my story here.

Newbies Start Here

Are you completely new to importing? Confused by the differences between LCL and FCL freight? Simply wondering where to find good, reliable and safe Suppliers? Start with the Newbie's Starting Guide to Importing from China here >>

Why Start an Import Business?

Is an Importing company the secret to the ever ellusive Passive Income? How much money can you make from importing? How much money do you need? And what makes Importing from China one of the best businesses for entrepreneurs to start? Find out Why You Should Import from China here >>

Ultimate Access

For the person serious about starting their Import business or the person already importing products from China, I've put together the ultimate Insider All Access Guide to Importing from China. I reveal my company along with inside information about how I run my $1mil+ import company, offer private 1 on 1 email consultation, and more. I guarantee you that you invest in the Guide will repay itself to you many times over in your importing business. Read more about the All Access guide here.

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Steve Chou from

Steve Chou and his wife Jennifer started Bumble Bee Linens, a store focused on linens for special occasions like weddings, in 2007 after learning they were about to become parents. Steve and Jennifer source their products primarily from China and within just a year, they were able to replace Jennifer’s 6 figure income from Bumble Bee Linens. Today, they also run a website, which helps others to start selling their products online. It’s one of the best resources available for importers hoping to sell their products online.

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Interview: Steve Chou from

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