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For over 10 years, I've run a company importing over 300 different products from China and generating millions of dollars in revenue. I've travelled across China looking for new products, both from the comfort of my laptop and by exploring a dozen different provinces in China.

I've designed this website to help entrepreneurs with their own businesses importing from China. I've put together indepth guides that I wish existed when I first started importing from China, interviews with industry experts, and other information designed to help both new and experienced importers.

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About Me

Since I was a 23 year old undergraduate in University, I've run a business importing products from China generating over $1million a year. Since then, I've made China and its culture not only a key part of my business but also of my personal life. Read more about my story here.

Newbies Start Here

Are you completely new to importing? Confused by the differences between LCL and FCL freight? Simply wondering where to find good, reliable and safe Suppliers? Start with the Newbie's Starting Guide to Importing from China here >>

Why Start an Import Business?

Is an Importing company the secret to the ever ellusive Passive Income? How much money can you make from importing? How much money do you need? And what makes Importing from China one of the best businesses for entrepreneurs to start? Find out Why You Should Import from China here >>

How I Make $1million/year Importing from China

Find out how I sell over $1million/year Importing from China and you can too. In this eBook I detail how to find products to import, how to find great Suppliers, how to get your products, and more. Find out more here >>.

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family entertainment center

Hi Dave,

We went through your articles and it’s tremendously helpful.  I have one question: We’re planning to import about $10,000-$15,000 worth of products for our family entertainment center. Most of our orders would be custom products, predominantly regarding theming, i.e. printing our custom theme mascots, making rides and inflatables with our mascot faces, etc.. I’ve read your article on customized products and how MOQs are much less flexible for customized products. Is this the case even for high value items, such as ours which seem to be around $700-$1000 each in China?

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Reader Question: MOQ for High Value, Customized Item

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